You can configure unique rent reminders and payment notifications for your tenants on each property.

The Steps

Step 1

From the main menu, select Rentals > Properties and click on the property for which you would like to specify notifications.

Step 2

From the Quick Actions section of the Overview page, click on View Settings and choose Rent & Payment Notifications.

Step 3

You can use your company default settings for Rent & Payment Notifications, or you can configure specific settings for this property.

If choosing to specify notifications for this property, toggle on the various notifications you would like to send.

Upcoming Rent

  • Specify how many days before rent is due to send an email and/or text reminder about an upcoming recurring rent charge.

  • You can also choose not to send the advance reminder if the tenant already paid their rent early.

Rent Charged

  • Send an email, choose whether to include an account statement PDF, and/or send a text notification to your tenants when a recurring rent charge posts.

Payment Received

  • Send email payment receipts to tenants.

  • Notify selected users via email when payment is received.

Payment Returned

  • Send email and/or text notifications to tenants when an online payment is reversed.

  • Notify selected users via email when payment is reversed.

Step 4

When you are finished making your selections, click Save.

Note that each notification sent via text message will use one communication credit.

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