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Updating and Editing Tasks, Work Orders, and Tenant Requests
Updating and Editing Tasks, Work Orders, and Tenant Requests

Set deadlines, post updates, automate the assigning of tenant requests, and track costs.

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You can easily review, update, and reassign tasks, as well as communicate these updates to your tenants and users. This ensures everyone remains in the loop and keeps your tenants happy.

The Steps

Step 1

On the main menu, click Tasks & Maintenance. The sub-menu options break down as follows:

  • Unassigned Tasks: View all tasks without an assignee.

  • My Tasks: List all the tasks assigned to you on one page.

  • Tenant Requests: List all requests created for and by the tenant.

  • Owner Requests: List all owner requests created by you.

  • Recurring Tasks: Tasks that are set to repeat will appear here.

  • All Tasks: See all the tasks in your portal.

  • Work Orders: The page of your work orders only.

Click on any sub-menu item you want to see details for.

Step 2

To search for the task, work order, or request you want to find, you can either use the search and filter functions or sort the list and look through it manually. Note that you can even find completed tasks and work orders this way.

  • Search tasks field: Type in all or part of the task name to find the task you need.

  • Use the Filter button for all the different filter options:

    • Filter by Due Date: Period or custom range using the From and To field.

    • Filter by Created At: Period or custom range using the From and To field.

    • Filter By: Assigned to, Requested by, Status, Priority, and Type.

  • Sort: By clicking on the little arrows to the right of Due at and Status, you can sort the task list by due date and current status.

Step 3

Once sorted, find and click on the task, request, or work order you want to view and edit to open up the Overview tab for that item.

Here you can review information, use the Quick Actions buttons to Post an Update, Complete Task, or create a New Work Order. You can also delete or edit the task by clicking on the blue circle with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

The Activity Feed will show past updates, messages, and timestamps.

Step 4

Update the task using the following Quick Actions buttons:

  • Post An Update: This button allows you to add a message and change the due date, status, priority, and assignees. You can choose to notify the assignees (and/or tenants if the task is a tenant request) of these changes via email.

    Note that if you add an assignee as part of the update, that specific new assignee won't get an email notification about their initial assignment, only future updates to the task.

  • Complete Task: Clicking on this button will instantly change the status of a task to “Completed.”

  • New Work Order: Creating a new work order from a task, request, or other work order will display a link to the parent task in the Related To box of the new work order.

Step 4 - Other Options

The Subtasks tab allows you to use the New Subtask button to add a subtask to an existing task, request, or work order. This subtask will show separately on task lists, but will also remain listed on the parent task’s Subtasks tab. This way you can better organize smaller tasks on one larger project task.

The Notes and Files tabs allow you to add additional information to your tasks. Note that your tenants won’t see these notes and files, so you can use these tabs for information about the task you want to keep separate from your tenants.

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