If you have a lease with multiple tenants and one moves out, you will want to remove the tenant from the lease without ending the lease for the remaining tenants. In DoorLoop, moving a tenant out of a lease and keeping all the relevant information related to the move-out is easy.

Note that these instructions are not how you should end a lease when a previous lease ends and someone else rents the unit. To do that, you should end the current lease and then create a new lease for the new tenant and their lease terms.

The Steps

Step 1

From the main menu, select Leases < Active Leases.

Step 2

Find the lease you want to remove a tenant from and click on it. You can either sort the list by the various columns and filters or use the Search leases search bar.

Step 3

Click on the Tenants tab and click the Move-out Tenant button.

Step 4

Click the + Add Tenant button to select which tenant to remove.

You can add as many tenants as needed to move them all out.

Step 5

Enter the Notice date to record when the tenant gave you their move-out notice. Use the Move-out date to enter when the tenant actually left the property.

Step 6

Add any relevant files (optional) and click Save to finish moving out the tenant.

Congratulations on moving out a tenant for an existing lease! You can also move-in tenants on an active lease if new tenants are joining the lease.

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