When you apply for a merchant account to receive online payments, our payment processor's underwriting team approves you to receive payments up to a specific amount for a single payment.

This single transaction limit is usually $10,000, but you can send in additional information to request an increase if you will collect single rent payments over your limit.

How to Request a Transaction Limit Increase

When your merchant account application is approved, we send you an email explaining you are ready to accept online payments and what you need to do next.

The section on your single transaction limit will say something like the following:

  • "You have been approved for a transaction limit of $10,000. If you require a higher limit, please reply to this email with copies of signed and executed leases showing higher limits along with 3 months of bank statements."

After you receive this email, the next steps are simple. Just send in the following:

  • Copies of signed and executed leases showing payments in excess of your limit.

  • 3 months of bank statements showing you received these payments.

What if I can't find my merchant account approval email?

As long as you have an active merchant account, you can send us the required information through the chat feature when you are logged into DoorLoop. It is the green chat bubble in the lower right corner of the screen.

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