If you created a vendor bill to be paid later, the final step is to record that you actually paid that bill.

The Steps

From any screen, click on + Create New button and click on Pay Bills under the Vendor Transactions section.

You can also go to Accounting < Open Bills and click on the Pay Bills button in the upper right corner.

Step 1

Choose which bills to display by clicking on the buttons in the following sections:

  • Which properties would you like to pay bills for?

    • Use the All Properties button selects bills associated with all properties.

    • The Some Properties button will allow you to choose specific properties. Note that you can select more than one!

  • Which vendors would you like to pay?

    • Use the All Vendors button to choose bills for all vendors.

    • The Some Vendors button allows you to choose specific vendors. Note that you can select more than one!

  • Which bills do you want to pay?

    • The All Bills button will select all available bills for the properties and vendors you selected.

    • Use the Some Bills button to filter for bills that are due before a specific date.

Click Next when you are ready to proceed.

Step 2

The next window lists the property or properties with bills meeting your filter requirements from the previous step. Each line shows the following information:

  • Property: lists the name and location of your property.

  • Available Funds: lists the funds available on the balance sheet for this property. Click on the blue question mark to the right of the amount to see the breakdown of this amount. The Available Funds is your Cash Balance minus Deposits Held for the property. For your information, the property’s Reserve Funds are also shown, but you can still spend this money if you choose to.

  • Balance Due: lists the total amount of all the bills you selected to pay for this property.

  • Payment Amount: lists the amount you will pay. You can change this amount by un-toggling Automatically Pay.

  • Actions: if Automatically Pay is toggled on, the total amount for all bills will be paid from the property's default operating account. If you toggle it off, click the Edit link to specify the amount you would like to pay on each bill and from which bank account. You can actually partially pay a bill and pay the rest of later if you’d like.

Click Next when you are ready to proceed.

Step 3

Use this screen to review the bill payment and record the payment method you used.

  • Change the Payment Date to the date you actually paid the bill or bills.

  • Use the Consolidate Checks toggle to turn bill payments for multiple properties to the same vendor into one check.

  • Pick the Payment method you used to pay this bill.

    • The Check option allows you to print the checks from DoorLoop to send to the vendor or vendors. Toggle off Print Later if you don’t want to print the checks from DoorLoop. This allows you to enter an optional check number for the check you actually send.

Click Finish when you are done finalizing your payment.

Your bill is now recorded as being paid, and all relevant DoorLoop reports will reflect this payment!

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