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How Do I Export My Information?
How Do I Export My Information?

Download a record of your report data from DoorLoop.

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In DoorLoop, we allow you to easily export all of your reports and associated data. You can export your information as an Excel file, PDF file, or printed page.

The Steps

  1. Click the Reports link in the main menu.

  2. Select any Report you'd like by clicking on it.

  3. You can export your information from any of these reports by clicking on the Excel file (XLS) icon or Printer icon found within each report in the top right corner.

  4. The Excel option will download an .xlsx file. If you use the Printer icon, you can choose how to print your report or save it as a PDF.

Now you have successfully exported information from your Reports, simple as that! Here at DoorLoop, we aim to make your work as streamlined as possible, inside and out of the system.

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