Sometimes it may be important to look back on tenants you’ve had in the past. You might need to double-check a date or possibly even edit something for the past tenant or their completed lease.

We make it simple to do so! Here’s how:

The Steps

Step 1

From the dashboard, head to the left side of the screen and click on People then click on Tenants.

Step 2

Click on the Filter button to the right of the search bar and date buttons to see the filtering options.

For the Status filter, change it from Current to Past.

Step 3

Find the line for the past tenant you need to view and click on it.

Now you can use the tabs to view the tenant's past Leases, Rental Applications, your Communications with the tenant, and any other Tasks, Notes, or Files you saved for the tenant.

Note that you can even go to the past lease itself to edit it if needed.

That’s it! Simple as that, you can now find and edit or add information for your past tenants.

Next Steps

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