Branding Your DoorLoop URL

Change your tenant portal website to match your company.

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In DoorLoop, you can easily customize your Tenant Portal URL to match your company brand. You can also change the DoorLoop URL for the tenant, you, and other DoorLoop users you add to your system. We'll walk through changing both now!

Change DoorLoop URL

  1. On the main menu, click Settings.

  2. Scroll down and select the Company Information button found under the Company section.

  3. On the Company Info screen, select the tab on the left-hand column titled DoorLoop URL.

  4. Enter the custom URL that you would like to use for your DoorLoop account into the subdomain box under DoorLoop URL.

    Note that you can't use spaces or special characters in your subdomain. In the rare case that someone in DoorLoop has already claimed the subdomain you are trying to use, you will have to choose something else.

  5. When you are happy with the subdomain you chose, click the Save button to finalize your new custom DoorLoop URL.

And that’s that! You’ve branded your own personal custom URL for DoorLoop and your tenant portal.

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