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Inviting tenants to your portal
Tenant Portal from the Tenant's Point of View
Tenant Portal from the Tenant's Point of View

How your tenants use their tenant portals.

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After you invite your tenants to their Tenant Portal, DoorLoop automatically sends them an email and mobile phone SMS invite. Your tenants need to accept that invite to set up their password.

This video will show you how your tenants do this from their point of view, as well as how they can use their portal to do things like view their lease information, make payments, submit tenant requests, and view important announcements.

Now your tenants can use links in their rent reminder and tenant communication emails to log in to their portal, or they can go to to enter their email address and password.

For a more in-depth of what your Tenants see, you can check out the article on How to Use the Tenant Portal.

Next Steps

  • If you want to give your tenants an in-depth overview of the Tenant Portal and how to use it, link them to our handy, How to Use the Tenant Portal guide. This guide gives them step-by-step instructions on how to use their new Tenant Portal.

  • If you want to give your tenants a personalized experience, consider Configuring Tenant Portal Settings. Here you’ll be able to customize your theme settings, turn on and off features, and customize your Tenant Portal URL.

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