You can easily review, update, and reassign recurring tasks, as well as communicate these updates to the assigned users. This ensures everyone remains in the loop and keeps your workflow running smoothly.

For example, you might change the the end date or frequency of a recurring task, or assign a different user to these tasks.

The Steps

Step 1

To edit a recurring task, first go to Tasks < Recurring Tasks on the left-hand menu.

Step 2

To search for the recurring task or work order you want to find, you can either use the search and filter functions or sort the list and look through it manually.

  • Search tasks field: Type in all or part of the recurring task name.

  • Search by Date: Click on the Calendar icon to the right of the search field to filter recurring tasks by their Start date.

  • Filter By fields: Click on the Filter icon to the right of the calendar to filter the page by the information you choose.

  • Sort: By clicking on the little arrows to the left of Assigned To, you can sort the recurring tasks list by the assigned user.

Step 3

Find and click on the recurring task or work order you want to edit. Update anything you need to change and then click Save when you are done.

Review this article on Creating Recurring Tasks to refresh your memory on the settings for recurring tasks.

If you actually need to delete the recurring task or work order, instead of clicking on the item, click on the vertical three dots icon on the right side of the recurring task or work order line and choose Delete Task.

Good work! Now all future occurrences of these tasks and work orders will reflect the changes you made.

Next Steps

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