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How do I invite a tenant with multiple leases to their tenant portal?
How do I invite a tenant with multiple leases to their tenant portal?
How tenants with more than one lease use their tenant portals.
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You might have a tenant who leases multiple units from you. In DoorLoop, you can have multiple leases for this tenant, whether they are an individual or a company.

As long as you use the same tenant when you create each lease, they can log in to their tenant portal and access all their leases using the same email address.

How to invite the tenant to their portals

  • When you create a new lease for a tenant you already rent to, instead of creating a new tenant on Step 2, you will select your existing tenant from the list of tenants shown.

  • Because they already have access to the portal for their other lease or leases, they will now automatically be able to use their portal for this new lease.

How tenants access multiple leases in their portal

  • When a tenant with multiple leases logs in to their tenant portal, they will have the option to choose which lease they want to access. Each lease will have its own separate information, such as a lease ledger and announcements, and options to make payments or submit tenant requests.

  • When viewing one lease, the tenant can easily switch to another lease to view that information or make a payment on that lease.

  • Note that a tenant cannot make a single payment on one lease to pay for all their other leases. They will need to make separate payments on each lease so those payments get recorded appropriately for accounting purposes.

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