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What is Cash vs. Accrual Accounting?
What is Cash vs. Accrual Accounting?
Learn the difference between Cash and Accrual accounting methods.
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Put most simply, cash basis accounting focuses on cash flow, recognizing business transactions when the money actually flows into or out of your business. For example, when a tenant pays you, or when you actually pay an expense.

Accrual basis accounting dates business transactions when the money is earned or the expense is incurred, regardless of when money changes hands. For example, rental income is dated when you charge for rent, regardless of when the tenant pays. An expense is dated when you received the goods or services, not when you actually pay for them.

In DoorLoop, you can run reports in either cash or accrual basis.

How to use this on Reports

On the Accounting or Business Overview reports in DoorLoop dealing with income, you have the option of running them in Cash or Accrual basis.

Step 1

Go to Reports and click on any report dealing with income, such as a Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss report, or Cash Flow Statement.

Step 2

In the group of filters and settings at the top of the report, one will say Accounting Method if this report is available in either the Cash or Accrual accounting method.

Step 3

Select either Cash or Accrual depending on your need.

By default, DoorLoop uses the Cash Accounting Method. If you frequently use one of these reports in the Accrual Accounting Method, you can actually use your browser to bookmark the report while it is configured for Accrual accounting, and then use this browser bookmark whenever you need this report.

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