For DoorLoop's data layer, we use MongoDB Atlas, which is a fully managed cloud solution hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Our backup policy automatically creates full snapshots of our datacenter. Snapshots are taken at frequently, with proper data retention policy. Additionally, our deployment supports point-in-time restore, which gives us the ability to restore data as needed in up to one minute intervals.

We also have our datacenter spread across multiple AWS availability zones, to ensure high-availability even in case of AWS outages.

List of Security Features

  • Enterprise level security: Built with security in mind from the ground up.

  • Automated backups: All data is backed up every 5 minutes across multiple geo-redundant servers.

  • Data exports: Manually backup and save a physical copy of your data to your computer in one click.

  • Data encryption: Data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit with a 256-bit military grade encryption.

  • Privacy: Rest assured no one will ever have access to your encrypted data except yourself.

  • Secure rent payments: Your rent payments are always secured. DoorLoop can not access any credit card or bank information.

  • User Access Roles: Allow a user to view parts of the software you allow. Block access to financial reports for example.

  • Activity Logs: See a history of the tasks each user completes including work orders related to maintenance requests.

  • Enterprise security: Feel safe knowing your data is protected by firewalls, security audits, and penetration tests.

  • Two-Step Verification: Get an email with a one-time code when logging into DoorLoop each time.

Visit the security section of our website to learn more!

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