If you have a team of users in DoorLoop helping you manage your properties, you might wonder at some point who last edited or deleted a lease transaction. In the interest of transparency, DoorLoop allows you to see this information on a report. This way you can easily see who might need additional training.

Note that this also works for finding out who last edited or deleted Owner Contributions and Owner Distributions.

The Steps

Step 1

Go to Reports in the main menu and click on the Transactions List report

Step 2

Use the filter button to narrow down the transactions you want to review.

  • If you are wanting to see deleted transactions, make sure for the Deleted Items filter you select Show.

Step 3

Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the report columns and turn on the Created By and Created At columns as well as the Updated By and Updated At columns to see which user last changed a transaction and when they did it.

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