You might have tenants who get rental assistance from a housing authority or Section 8 voucher. How should you record these payments on your leases? You have several options, depending on what you want the tenant to see in their tenant portal.

  1. I want my tenant to see the portion of rent they owe, but I also want them to see the Section 8 payments.

  2. I only want my tenants to see the portion of rent they owe.

  3. My tenant doesn't pay online and I don't care to track their payments separate from Section 8 payments.

Tenants see what they owe, and can view Section 8 payments

  • Create and move-in a tenant called Section 8 to add to any lease receiving Section 8 assistance.

  • You can then add a recurring payment on the tenant's lease for the amount that Section 8 pays.

    • (You could set this payment to post around the 28th of each month, or anytime BEFORE the rent charge posts).

  • This will create a credit on the tenant's lease and when their rent charge posts on the 1st, they will see the amount they must pay in their tenant portal.

Tenants can only see what they owe

My tenant doesn't pay online and I don't track separate payments

  • Leave the recurring rent amount as is.

  • Record full lease payments from the existing tenant if you have no need to track Section 8 payments separately.

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