Reversed Payments

Learn what happens when a tenant's online payment reverses.

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There are many reasons why ACH payments might fail, but the most common is reason is insufficient funds. When your tenant has a reversed ACH payment, DoorLoop will handle all the necessary accounting. DoorLoop also automatically adds the appropriate returned payment fees as charges to your tenant's lease for them to pay with their next successful payment.

Read on to learn more about the reversed payment process and how it affects your reports and accounting.

Tenant Reversed Payments

Reverse payments can happen for many reasons. The most common reason is insufficient funds. When this happens, a tenant's payment is reversed on the system and they'll be charged a reverse payment fee. DoorLoop will handle all this on the backend.

How to Review Reversed Payments

If you want to review reversed payments and how they affect your deposits from our payment processor, you can go to Reports and click on the Deposit Transactions report in the Accounting section.

Here you can click on the line item for the deposit and it will show exactly what made up that deposit, including reversed payments.

Find out why the Payment Reversed

If you want to see the reason why your tenant's payment was reversed, click on the Reversed Payment report in the Who Owes You section.

You can filter by ePay only to see only online reversed payments and take out reversed payments you recorded manually.

In the Notes column of this report, you will see the reason for the return as reported by our payment processor. If they were ACH payments, you'll also see a special code attached to the reversed payment. To see a complete list of each ACH Error Code, you can read the article ACH Payment Return Codes and What They Mean.

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