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How to Make Requests Through the Tenant Portal
How to Make Requests Through the Tenant Portal

Report issues with your rental through the tenant portal by making requests

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The Requests tab is where you can make Tenant Requests and also view the status of previous requests. For example, if you need something fixed in your unit, you can make that request here and view the progress of each request. This is a convenient way to contact your landlord and have a record of pending requests made. (Note this feature is only available if your landlord has made this available to you.)

The Steps

Creating a New Request

  1. There are two ways you can create Requests.

    • The first is directly from the Tenant Portal home screen. You’ll see a box on the right that reads, Request, with a button marked New Request. Just tap that button to begin.

    • The second method is to do it from the Requests tab on the top menu and when you’re on the page, click the green button labeled New Request.

  2. Enter the subject of what the request is for.

  3. Enter a detailed description of your request so the landlord can better understand your issue.

  4. Additional Information - Let the landlord know if you have any special instructions for access to your unit, for example, which days work best for you.

  5. Files and Documents - You can also upload photos to your Requests in case you want to document specific issues you are having.

  6. Click Save when you’re done.

Note that your requests can not be deleted once they are created. You can edit your requests if you need to make some changes or additions.

Receiving a Request Update

Sometimes, your landlord may reply back to one of your requests with updates. In these instances, you may receive an email stating that your request was updated. From the email, you can click the green button to open the tenant portal and view the update.

You can also go directly to the Tenant Portal yourself and go to the Requests tab. Click your currently active request and you can view any updates or messages your landlord may have left you.

These updates can also be replied to by you. You’ll see a comments section in the Activity Feed with the ability to Write a Comment. Just type in your reply and click Submit.

Completed Requests

When a Request has been completed by your landlord, it will disappear from your Tenant Portal. Your Requests page will show No Active Requests. Same for the home screen.

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