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Setting Up Your Tenant Portal Notifications
Setting Up Your Tenant Portal Notifications

Get more control over which notifications you can receive from your Tenant Portal and landlord

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Better notifications are finally here and the new notifications panel will keep you on top of everything rent related. Not only that, you can now control which notifications you receive and how you receive them. Push notifications are also finally here so you'll be able to get notifications through the mobile app and desktop app.

The Steps

On the main overview page of your Tenant Portal, click the Bell Icon at the upper right-hand corner. A new notifications panel will now appear. This is where you will now be able to see all your important notifications. If you want to adjust your notification settings of how you get your notifications and which activities to get notifications from, click the Gear Icon on the Notification Panel.

You'll now see a popup for Notifications Settings with various activities you can be notified of and how you want those notifications received.

  • Types of Notifications

    • Text Messaging - Notifications will be sent by SMS

    • Push Notifications - Push notifications will be shown on your screen or app

    • Email - Notifications will be sent to your inbox

  • Activities

    • Rent reminders - get notifications of when rent is due

    • Rent charged - get notified of when rent has been charged

    • Payment received - get notified of when your payment has cleared

    • Autopay canceled - get notified when an autopay was canceled

    • Payment returned - get notified of when your payment was returned

    • Late fee charged - get notified of late fee charges

    • Request received - get notified of when your request was received

    • Request updated - get notified when your request was updated

    • Announcements - announcements you receive from the landlord

Note that some of these notifications may not appear if your landlord has not activated these settings for you.

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