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How to Make a Payment Through the Tenant Portal [Stripe]
How to Make a Payment Through the Tenant Portal [Stripe]

Learn how to make a payment with either a credit card or ACH (e-Check).

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Tenants can easily pay their rent and other balances through the Tenant Portal with a few simple steps. Whether you are paying by credit card or by bank transfer via ACH, the Tenant Portal makes online payments a breeze.

There are several reasons why making payments through the Tenant Portal can be beneficial. First, it can save you time and effort because you don't have to go to a physical location to make a payment. Second, online payments can be more secure than traditional methods because they often use encryption and other security measures to protect your information. Finally, online payments can be convenient because you can make payments from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can schedule payments in advance.


The Steps

Making a Payment

Step 1

  1. On your tenant portal homepage, you can click either the Make a Payment (One-time payments) or the Setup Auto-Pay (Recurring Auto-payments) button.

Alternatively, you can also do this.

  1. On your tenant portal homepage, click the Payments tab at the top.

  2. On the Payments page, click on the Make a Payment (One-time payments) or the Setup Auto-Pay (Recurring Auto-payments) button.

  3. You'll now be on the Make a Payment screen.

Step 2

Payment Details:

  1. Amount to Pay: This will be the amount of rent you pay each month.

  2. Frequency: This is the frequency of time between each payment. For most, it will be Monthly if you're setting up an Auto-pay. If it's a one-time payment you're trying to make, change the frequency to Once.

  3. Payment Date: You'll want to set this payment date for when your next rent is due. Most likely this is for June 1, 2023 if you're setting an Auto-pay. If it's a one-time payment, choose the date you want the payment to be applied.

  4. "Repeat until end of lease" should be toggled on if you're creating an Auto-pay, unless you are trying to make an Auto-pay for only a specific amount of time.

  5. Click Next to continue.

Step 3

Payment Method

  1. If you already have a credit card or bank account saved, select one of your saved payment methods. From here you can skip to Step 4.

    Continue with Step 3 if you have no saved payment methods.

  2. You can now choose the payment method you're going to use from the choices provided:

    1. Credit Card: Enter your information accurately, including the CVC code and zip code associated with your card.

    2. Bank Account: There are two ways you can enter your bank account information.

      (Method 1 - Instant) Enter your email, full name, and then search for your bank. Once you find your bank account, click it. You will need to log into your online banking portal to verify your account with Stripe. Note that if you are having issues connecting to your bank portal, you should try method 2 and try to manually verify your bank account.

      (Method 2 - Manual Verification) You can alternatively click "Enter bank details manually instead" to enter your bank's routing number and account number. If you choose this option, you'll need to skip ahead to this step first (very important) before you can complete your payment. You will need to verify your bank account by confirming small deposits in your account (this can take 1-2 days). Note that you can not proceed through the payment process until you complete the verification process.

  3. Click Save to save your payment details.

  4. Click Next to continue

Step 4

Payment Summary:

Here you'll just need to confirm your payment details and make sure all the information is correct. Click Pay Now for single payments or Schedule Payment for auto-pays to complete the process.

Note that paying by credit will incur a 3% fee or a minimum of $3.50. ACH payments will be less and depend on your property manager. Normally between $0-1.99.

That's it!

Verifying Your Bank Account Through Micro-deposits

Before making a payment, it will be necessary to enter a valid bank in order to make ACH payments from your bank. Note that during the process of verification, no payments will be taken from you or processed.

If you chose to manually enter your bank account information, you'll need to check your bank statement for this and then also wait for the email containing the verification link. Once you get this click through the link and follow the instructions to verify. This can take up to 1-2 business days, so we recommend you do it as soon as possible.

  1. You should have been prompted to enter your Routing Number and Account number of your bank account. Please double-check this information or it will cause delays and you won't be receiving the micro-deposit transaction if this information is incorrect. Click Continue after entering this info.

  2. You will then see a popup that states "Micro-deposits initiated".


    Click "Continue with DoorLoop" to finish. [see image below]

  3. If you didn't already do so, you will be prompted to enter your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email. Be sure that your Full Name matches what is on your Bank Account.

  4. Once you fill all this out, you'll now see that your bank is pending verification.

  5. Now you just need to wait. A micro-deposit of $0.01 will enter your bank account (within 1-2 days). Some may see it instantly, others may need to wait a bit. The deposit will appear on your bank statement and look similar to the image below. The transaction would be labeled something like this: "ACH Deposit SMXXXX - DoorLoop - ACCTVERIFY Automated Deposit Transactions"

    The most important part of this is the SMXXXX portion. XXXX will be a combination of either letters and/or numbers so it will look something like SMKTH6 for instance.

  6. If you go back to your tenant portal and try to make a payment again, you should see that the bank account you entered is saved with a new Verify Your Account button.

  7. When you click the Verify Your Account link, you'll be taken to a page that looks like the one below. Enter the code you received in your $0.01 micro-deposit transaction and click Verify. Your bank account will now be verified.

  8. Alternatively, you may receive an email from Stripe that has a verification link in it. You'll need to click the Verify Deposit link in the email which will take you back to Step 6. This email can take 1-2 days to arrive to you.

Once you complete the verification process, you'll be able to complete your payment on DoorLoop. You would need to start from Step 1 of making a payment again to create your new payment.

Instructional Videos

Instructions (English)

Instructions (Spanish)


Why do I need to verify my bank account by logging into my bank's online portal or by micro-deposits?

Merchant processors are required by law to verify a person's ACH information (bank account) as part of their antifraud efforts and initiatives. This is a rule from the National Automated Clearing House (Nacha), which requires ACH originators of web debit entries use a "commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system" to screen web debits for fraud. The new rule supplements that screening requirement, making it explicit that "account validation" be part of that detection system.

For a more detailed explanation of why this is mandatory, refer to this document here.

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