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Reset or Change Your Password From the Tenant Portal
Reset or Change Your Password From the Tenant Portal

Need to change your password or can't remember it?

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There are several reasons why you'd want to reset your password and there are a couple ways you can do that on your tenant portal.

The Steps

You Know Your Current Password

If you know your current password, you can change your password from your tenant portal dashboard. Here's how.

  1. Log in to your tenant portal.

  2. On the top right corner, click your Name; then on the dropdown menu, click Security.

  3. On the Unlock Settings popup, enter your current password. Then click Unlock.

  4. On the Login & Password Settings, click Edit next to the Password field and then from there you'll be able to enter your new password. Enter it twice to confirm and then click Save.

  5. That's it. Use your new password to log in the next time you access your tenant portal.

You Forgot Your Password

  1. On the login screen to your tenant portal, click the link that reads "Forgot Password?"

  2. Next, enter the email address that you used to originally log into the tenant portal with.

  3. Click Reset Password.

  4. You'll then need to wait for a DoorLoop Password Reset email. When you get that, click the green Reset Password button and you'll be redirected back to your tenant portal login page to create a new password.

  5. That's it. You should now be back in your tenant portal. Be sure to jot down your new password somewhere so you don't forget it again.

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