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I Can't Log Into My Tenant Portal. What Do I Do?
I Can't Log Into My Tenant Portal. What Do I Do?

If you having issues when trying to log into your tenant portal, here are some possible fixes.

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If you're a tenant and are trying to login to your tenant, you might encounter the occasional issue of not being able to login. This could be because of a variety of issues, but we'll try to list some common solutions below. If none of these work for you, you'll need to please contact your landlord or property manager and they'll get into contact with us for further troubleshooting.

What is the website address for the tenant portal?

If you're trying to access the tenant portal but you can't remember what the website address is, you can simply head to and login from there.

Please note that you must have already previously accepted and activated your tenant portal before using this link. Do not create a new DoorLoop account before receiving a tenant portal invite from your property manager.

I need a new tenant portal invite.

If you can't find your tenant portal invite in your email inbox, and you need it to activate your account, you'll need to reach out to your property manager to have them send you a new one.

I can't remember my password (password reset).

If you can't remember what your password is for some reason, you can request a password reset email. Simply click on the Forgot Password link and you'll be prompted to enter your current login email address. Once you click Reset Password, you'll be sent an email with a password reset link.

If you enter your password and it shows Invalid Email, that means that you have never logged in before with the email you are trying. Skip to this step.

I try to log in but it reads, your portal is inactive.

If you see this message, it means your tenant portal was inexplicably turned off for some reason. In this case, you'll need to reach out to your property manager and ask them to turn the portal back on or why it's off right now. They'll also possibly need to reach out to us on their side if they don't know how to resolve the issue.

Regardless, you'll need to contact your property manager about this.

I got the invitation email, but when I click it, it asks for an email address and password.

If you click the accept invitation link in your tenant portal invite email, and your Accept Invitation login screen looks like this, most likely you will not be able to log in using your current email address that the invitation was sent to. If you try to login with your email and password, you'll get a security notification for a verification code with no place to actually enter it.

This is because more than likely, you may have set up a DoorLoop trial account in the past and will need to have the email address on that changed or ask your landlord to use a completely different email address for you.

To confirm if this is in fact that issue, head to this link and log in with the same email address. If you're able to log in and it brings you to a DoorLoop website trial account, then you'll need to remove the email from this account. Please contact us again (as a property manager account) and we'll walk you through this process.

Invalid email when trying to send a password reset.

If you are receiving an Invalid Email Address error when trying to reset your password, it means that you are entering an email address that is not what you originally signed up to the Tenant Portal with. You'll need to enter the correct email, the one that you originally received the tenant portal invite from and the one where you get rental notifications at.

If you can't remember what this is, please contact your property manager.

Other login issues.

If there are any other issues that you do not see a solution for here, please contact your property manager and we can try to troubleshoot from their end.

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