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Why are my credit card payment attempts being rejected on the Tenant Portal?
Why are my credit card payment attempts being rejected on the Tenant Portal?

While credit card payments are convenient, they can sometimes fail. here are the top reasons why they can fail.

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A credit card payment can be immediately rejected for various reasons, and it's important to understand that the specific reasons may vary depending on the issuer, the cardholder's circumstances, and the merchant's payment processing system. Here are some common reasons for immediate credit card payment rejection:

  1. Insufficient Funds: If the available credit on the card is not sufficient to cover the transaction amount, the payment will be rejected.

  2. Card Expired: If the credit card has expired, the payment will be declined. Cardholders should make sure to use a valid, unexpired card for payments.

  3. Incorrect Card Details: Entering incorrect card information, such as the card number, expiration date, or CVV (Card Verification Value), can lead to a rejection.

  4. Security Concerns: Credit card issuers and payment processors have fraud detection systems in place. Unusual or suspicious transactions, such as transactions in a different location or for unusually high amounts, may trigger a rejection until the cardholder verifies the transaction.

  5. Payment Limit Reached: Some credit cards have daily or monthly spending limits. If the cardholder has reached their limit, the payment may be rejected.

  6. Blocked or Frozen Card: If the cardholder has reported the card as lost or stolen, or if the card issuer has placed a temporary freeze or block on the card due to suspected fraud, payments will be declined.

  7. Inactive Account: If the credit card account is inactive or has been closed by the cardholder or issuer, payments will not go through.

  8. Merchant Restrictions: Some merchants may have specific restrictions on which types of credit cards they accept. If the card type is not supported by the merchant, the payment will be rejected.

  9. Technical Issues: Occasionally, technical issues with the payment processing system or the merchant's website can result in payment rejections. In such cases, retrying the payment later may work.

  10. Billing Address Mismatch: Some online merchants require that the billing address entered during the transaction matches the address associated with the credit card. If there is a mismatch, the payment may be rejected.

  11. International Transactions: If a card is not authorized for international transactions and an attempt is made to use it for an overseas purchase, the payment may be declined.

  12. Exceeding Cash Advance Limit: Credit cards have a cash advance limit that may be lower than the overall credit limit. Attempting to make a payment that exceeds this cash advance limit may result in a rejection.

  13. Your card does not support this type of purchase: For some special types of cards, for example, a Humana Healthy Spending card is a special card with allowances for certain types of spending. These types of cards may block their use from the payment of rent on your Tenant Portal. If this is the case with your card, contact your credit card issuer or bank and they can give you more detail as to why the payment attempt was blocked.

To resolve a credit card payment rejection, cardholders should contact their credit card issuer or bank to understand the specific reason for the rejection and take appropriate actions to rectify the issue.

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