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How to Edit Your Auto-Pay on the Tenant Portal
How to Edit Your Auto-Pay on the Tenant Portal

Edit your auto-pay if you need to change payment amount or payment date.

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There are times when you'll need to adjust either your auto-pay amount or the date on which is the payment is made,

The Steps

  1. On your tenant portal homepage, click the Payments tab at the top.

  2. You should see your Auto-Pay schedule above your Payments History section. Click the Edit Auto-Pay button.

  3. You'll now be on the Make a Payment screen. On the Payment Details step, you can edit the Amount to Pay field with a new amount. You can also change the Frequency and the Payment Date of when you want the Auto-Pay to start running again.

  4. Click Next to continue.

  5. On the Payment Method page, you can leave it as is if it already has the correct payment method set. If not, you can choose or create a new payment method.

  6. Click Next to continue.

  7. On the Payment Summary screen, just confirm that everything looks correct.

  8. Click Save to finish.

Things to Consider

  • Payments can be withdrawn within 72 hours of the date that you have set. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment. Otherwise, you could be hit with possible insufficient funds and reverse payment fees.

  • Autopays will run for the full amount each month that you have set. They do not take into consideration any credits or additional charges you might have.

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