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How to Fill Out the Rental Application (Applicant)
How to Fill Out the Rental Application (Applicant)

Do you have a rental application you need to fill out? Here's how.

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Rental applications can be intimidating to fill out, but they don't have to be. Follow the steps below and you'll be through them in no time.

The Steps

Note that the rental application may look different for you based on what the property manager of the unit has set. You could have more information that needs to be filled out other than what we are showing here.

  1. You would have either received an application link or clicked on it from a listing.

  2. The first step is to select which unit you are applying for. You should see a list of available units.

  3. Click on the unit and then on the popup window, click the Apply Now button.

  4. You'll now be prompted to enter a valid email address to begin the process.

  5. Check your email for a confirmation code and enter it into the fields below. Click Go to the Application when done.

  6. Enter your desired move-in date and use the "Apply as a tenant" button. Then choose "I'm applying alone".

    Click Next to continue.

  7. Accept the terms and conditions and then enter your name in the Accepted By field.

    Click Next to continue.

  8. Next, you'll need to enter information about yourself.

    Note that you will need to enter a valid Social Security Number (SSN) and possibly a driver's license. These are required if the application is also running a background check later in the process.

    If you are a foreign citizen and don't have either of these, you'll need to contact the property manager of the unit you are applying for to see if you have any other options for this before continuing.

    If you don't have a driver's license, you can also enter your state-issued ID card number.

  9. The next few steps will ask you for information about whether or not you have Pets, any Vehicles, and any Dependents. There it will also ask you for an Emergency Contact which is required.

  10. The next group of required information consists of your current Employment, Income information, and current Residential History. You also need to answer some short yes and no questions in the Additional Information section.

  11. If the property manager asks for it, there will be files you might need to attach, such as a copy of your driver's license or any other files.

  12. Review and Payment - If the application has a fee, you'll see this screen towards the end that requires you to enter a credit card to make payment. Please note that you should only do this one time after you click Make a Payment. Do not try to make a payment again otherwise, you can be charged again.

  13. Once you click Make a Payment, if the property manager requires a background check, you'll see a window that requires you to Confirm Your Identity. This will be a series of random questions associated with your identity.

  14. Click Finish and your application will be sent to the property manager for review.

Important: DO NOT make a second application fee payment if you already made one. Instead, contact the property manager for instructions on how to proceed. Otherwise you may be charged again for the application fee.

Congratulations! You've finished filling out the rental application.


I am a foreign citizen and do not have a social security number.

  • In this instance, you may need to contact the property manager of the unit you are applying for. You will have issues running a background check with TransUnion, so contact the PM to see if you have any other options for this before continuing.

What if I don't have a driver's license?

  • You can also use a State-issued ID card and enter that information for the driver's license information.

What if I submitted and paid for the rental application, but entered incorrect information and now TransUnion can't verify my identity?

  • Contact the property manager of the unit you are applying for. They will send you a link to the application to fix your errors. DO NOT use the same link that you used to fill out the application with initially. Otherwise you may be charged again.

What if I already paid for the the application and something happens during the process and it's asking me to pay again?

  • Do not continue. Contact the property manager of the unit you are applying for. They will be able to see if you already have a pending application and can send you the proper link again to add any missing information.

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