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Seamless Data Migration with DoorLoop
Seamless Data Migration with DoorLoop

Download templates and upload your data for use with DoorLoop.

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Easy Steps to Get Started:

  • Check Your Data: Ensure your rent roll or ledger contains all required information. Refer to our templates below for guidance.

  • Download Template: Select the appropriate template below for Residential Rentals, Commercial Rentals, or Associations.

  • Complete the Template: Fill in all required fields in the downloaded template.

  • Email Your File: Once completed, send the file to for swift processing.

Templates and Video Walkthroughs

Residential Rentals Template - ​Download Template

Commercial Rentals Template - Download Template

Associations Template - Download Template

Migration Details

Once your data is submitted correctly, our team will typically complete the migration within 3-5 business days. If any adjustments are needed, your dedicated onboarding specialist will reach out to you promptly.

Upon completion, a team member will contact you to review the migrated data in your account. Any necessary changes can be made at this stage to ensure accuracy. Please notify us of any required alterations before proceeding further, as making changes later may risk data loss.

Note: Data migration solely includes the import of your current rent roll or ledger. Chart of accounts, transactions, and past rent roll or ledger data are not included in this process.

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