Whether you're just getting started with DoorLoop or your business is expanding and taking new properties under management along the way, we're here to help you grow your portfolio.

DoorLoop allows you to add a range of commercial and residential properties, from condos and single-family homes to retail stores and parking lots. Whatever you manage, we'll help you run it.

The Steps

Step 1 - Create a rental property

Adding a Property and Unit - Step 1.gif

Go to Rentals > Properties and click the + New Property button.

Select whether this property is Residential or Commercial. Each will give you a different set of property sub-types. While this information is mostly for your reference, selecting the correct property types allows you to easily sort your properties later, especially as you grow and your list is long!

Step 2 - Entering your property address

DoorLoop sorts your property list in numerical and alphabetical order. By default, your property name is the same as its address, but you can change the property name later if you’d like.

As you enter your property address, Google generates autofill options for you to select, although it isn’t necessary to choose one. We do this to help ensure the address you entered is valid, as online rental listings will not publish with incorrect or fake addresses.

Step 3 - Add units

Adding a Property and Unit - Step 2 (Address and Units.gif

The next step is to add the Units for your property.

In DoorLoop, Units are the leasable spaces within your property. For example, even a single-family home might have more than one lease if you rent out rooms separately. DoorLoop accommodates this by allowing multiple units on one property, although only one is required.

For each residential unit, you can enter the following information, although only a Unit Name is required:

  • Unit Name

  • Number of Beds

  • Number of Baths

  • Size

  • Market Rent

Commercial units have no need for Beds/Baths, so those are excluded. (If your commercial units do need to track Beds/Baths, choose the Other commercial property sub-type.)

Once you have added all your units, simply click Finish.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have added your property and units and can now begin managing them in DoorLoop. Your next steps are to add your leases and list your vacant properties online.

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