Adding Your Bank Accounts

Add your bank accounts in DoorLoop to track money coming in and going out.

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We realize everyone’s business is different. Some will have separate bank accounts for every property, and some will use a single bank account for everything. DoorLoop allows you to add and track all your bank accounts in one place.

By default, DoorLoop provides a bank account named Operating Account, which you can choose not to use, or rename if you’d like.

The Steps

Adding Your Bank Accounts

  1. The first step to adding a new bank account is to click Accounting on the main menu and then click Banking.

  2. Click on the + New Account button in the upper-right corner.

  3. In the Account Info, Leave the Type as Asset > Bank.

  4. Enter an Account Name for your account. For example, you can enter your banking institution and the last four digits of the account number so you don’t mix up your accounts.

  5. (Optional) You can choose whether or not to enter a Description.

  6. Click Save and the bank account will now appear on your list of bank accounts.

  7. Repeat if you need to add more bank accounts.

Renaming Bank Accounts

If you created your bank accounts and for some reason need to change the names on them, you will be able to change them easily. You can also rename the default Operating Account with this method as well.

  1. From the main menu, click Accounting and then click Banking.

  2. Click on the three vertical dots icon on the right side of the line item for bank account name you want to edit and choose Edit.

  3. Change the Account Name to what you want it to be.

  4. Click Save and the bank account will be renamed on your list of bank accounts.

Next Steps

  1. Learn how to set up a merchant account on a bank account you just created if you intend for your tenants to pay online into this account.

  2. If you have different bank accounts for different properties, make sure you have set the default bank accounts for your properties.

  3. Set an accounting start date and opening balance for your bank accounts to let DoorLoop know when you are beginning your accounting in DoorLoop. This is crucial in making sure your reports and accounting will be correct!

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