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Editing a Lease after it has been Ended
Editing a Lease after it has been Ended
How to change an inactive lease.
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There are several cases where you might need to edit a lease you've already ended. Even though the lease is inactive, perhaps you got a surprise payment from a past tenant (lucky!) who moved out owing more than their deposit could cover. Maybe you realized that you recorded the wrong start or end date for the lease and you need to fix this. Less likely, you might need to add, delete, or edit transactions you later realize were created in error.

The Steps

  1. From the main menu, click on Leases and then click Active Leases.

  2. Filter the leases by their Status, choosing Inactive.

  3. Find the lease you want to edit and click on it. You can either sort the list by the various columns and filters or use the Search leases search bar.

  4. If you need to add or edit transactions, click on the Transactions tab.

    You can also withhold or refund deposits on the Deposits tab, add or edit Notes, Files, and even Tenants using their respective tabs.

  5. If you need to edit the terms of the lease, click on the blue circle with three vertical dots in the top right corner and select Edit.

    Change the Start date or End date as needed and click Save.

That's it! Despite having ended a lease, you were able to edit it later to add updated information and fix mistakes.

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