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Find, Sort, and Filter Your Tenants
Find, Sort, and Filter Your Tenants

Learn how to easily find your tenants if the list is long.

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In DoorLoop, a tenant is an individual or group who leases one or more of your units. If you have many tenants, simply looking at your tenant list may not work to easily find the specific tenant you are looking for. Although the tenant list is sorted alphabetically by default, you may want to sort the list differently, or even filter the tenant list to narrow it down. You can also search for a specific tenant name. Whatever works for you to easily find your tenants!

The Steps

  1. To find a tenant, click People on the main menu and then click Tenants.

  2. If you have a long list of tenants, there are several ways you can sort them. Below are the different ways you can sort your tenants:

    • Sort by Tenant Name - You can sort your tenants in alphabetical (default) or reverse alphabetical order by clicking on the small arrows to the right of the Tenant column heading.

    • Sort by Tenant Portal Status - You can also sort your tenants by their Tenant Portal status using the same arrows to the right of that column.

  3. You can also use the filters to narrow down your tenants. Click on the Filter icons to the right of the search bar to filter your tenant list.

    • The Period filter lets you choose a Move-in or Move-out date as your filter criteria.

    • The other Filter icon allows you to filter tenants by Portfolio, Property, and their Status.

  4. Use the Search bar to type in the name of the tenant you are trying to find. (Note that you don't have to type in the tenant's full name.)

  5. If you are looking for a past tenant on an inactive lease or a future tenant on a lease that hasn't yet started, you will need to use the Status filter. This is because they will not show up on the default Current status view. This can be found by using the Filter icon and choosing either Past or Future on the Status field. Selecting either of these will filter the results to show either past tenants or future tenants.

  6. Find and click on the tenant you want to view or edit.

Now that you can easily find and filter your tenants, you can edit your tenant's and their information.

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