View and Edit Tenant Information
Learn how to review and edit your tenants and their information.
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As you manage your tenants, their information might change requiring you to update their profile in DoorLoop. They might change their phone number, emergency contact, or even their name. You might also just need to update incorrect information or add notes to your tenants. This article helps you in either case!

The Steps

Step 1

On the main menu, click People and then click Tenants.

Step 2

Find the tenant you want to view or edit and click on the name. You can also sort the list by the various columns and filters or use the search bar.

Step 3

This brings you to the tenant Overview tab which quickly shows you the tenant's Contact Info, Emergency Contacts, Address, and Tenant Portal access status.

Step 4

You can click on any of the + Add New links in the information sections to add or edit information for the tenant.

If you want to enter more detailed information about the tenant, click on the blue three vertical dots icon in the top right corner and select Edit.

Step 5

If you didn’t do so on the overview page, you can add and edit all that information here. Note that many of these entries may already be filled in if you had added them in as a Prospect. Learn more about Adding a Prospect.

  • Personal Info: The main thing here is that you want to enter the Primary Email and Mobile Phone details which are required for rent reminders, tenant communications, and Tenant Portal access.

    Anything you add to the Notes field in the Personal Info section also shows up on your tenant reports if you add the Notes column to the report.

  • Contact Info: Enter the tenant’s Phone and Email information. You can enter multiple of each if the prospect has several contact methods.

  • Address and Alternate Address: Place to enter an address, possibly a work address or secondary address.

  • Emergency Contact: Enter any emergency contacts this Tenant may have.

  • Marketing Profile: Mainly used when the tenant was a prospect that doesn’t apply too much to them now that they are tenants.

  • Pets: If your tenant has pets, this is where you would enter all the information about them.

  • Vehicles: Add any vehicles that your tenant owns in this section.

  • Dependents: Add your tenant’s dependents here if they have any.

  • Outgoing Payments: This section is mainly only used if you plan on sending your tenants any sort of refund.

Step 6

Click Save when you are done editing the tenant.

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