DoorLoop defines a Prospect as someone you've identified as a potential tenant. When someone submits a rental application, they will automatically get created as a Prospect in DoorLoop.

However, you can also add Prospects yourself before they submit rental applications.

The Steps

Step 1

Navigate to People < Prospects.

Step 2

On the top right of the page, click + New Prospect.

Step 3

Enter as much information for the prospect as you’d like, but only either a First Name and Last Name combination or Company name is required.

Step 4

Specifically for the Marketing Profile section, there are several fields which you can use to filter by later if you set them. This helps you more easily sort and find specific prospects.

  • Assigned To: select which DoorLoop user you'd like to assign this prospect to.

  • Lead Status: set and track the status of the prospect lead.

  • Min Bedrooms / Min Bathrooms: enter the number of beds/baths the prospect prefers to have for their rental.

  • Property: add as many properties as you need to associate with this prospect.

Step 5

Finally, click Save and your new Prospect will be added to DoorLoop so you can track their status and add them as a tenant if you rent to them later!

Next Steps

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