Whether you are on the Starter plan and need access to more features in DoorLoop, or you are on the Pro plan and want to upgrade to Premium so your tenants don't have to pay ACH payment processing fees, you can upgrade your subscription at any time.

The Steps

Step 1

Click on Settings in the left-hand menu.

Step 2

Find and click the Subscription button in the Company section.

Step 3

Select the Update Plan button under your current plan details.

Step 4

In the Select a Plan section, you can click the Upgrade Plan button for the level of plan you want.

The Premium plan gets you VIP Premium support and your tenants do not have to pay ACH payment processing fees.

If you are on the Starter plan, review this article on the Starter plan limitations.

Step 5

Review Your Plan information, your chosen Payment Method, and the Summary to confirm everything is correct. The Summary section will show you the amount you will need to pay today to upgrade your subscription.

You can change your plan details if anything is incorrect by selecting the Change button in the Plan section.

You can also change your payment method by selecting the Change link in the Payment Method section.

Step 7

When you are happy with the checkout information, select the green Update Subscription button to finish upgrading your plan.

That's it! You can update your subscription whenever you'd like. Whether you pay yearly or monthly, we'll handle the prorations automatically.

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