Starter Plan Limitations
Features not included in the Starter plan
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The Starter plan is meant for users with basic property management needs. Think tenant screening, collecting payments, recording expenses, and basic reports. You will still be able to track tasks and request electronic signatures, but you won't be able to limit access when adding users, advertising online, doing bank reconciliation, or fully communicating with your tenants through DoorLoop.

Review the full list of feature differences between the Starter, Pro, and Premium plans below.

List of Features not included in the Starter Plan

  • Phone/Video Support - While all plans include world-class chat, email, and access to our help center, only Pro and Premium plans have access to 1-on-1 phone and video calls from our support staff.

  • BankConnect - Our integration with Plaid allows you to import transaction data to match bank transactions with those created in DoorLoop to assist in bank reconciliation and help ensure your accounting is correct. (Details)

  • Send Payments - Send payments to your Owners, Vendors, and even tenants through Doorloop via integration with (Details)

  • Listings - Non-Starter plans can list residential units on various online platforms directly from DoorLoop. (Details)

  • Announcements - DoorLoop allows you to send and track messages to your tenants via email, text, voice message, and posts to their tenant portal. (Details)

  • eSignature Templates - While you will be able to request eSignatures, you will not be able to save templates for eSignatures for future use. You would need to create these each time you are requesting an eSignature.

  • Vendor Transactions - Although you can still create expenses with the Starter plan, you won't be able to create and pay vendor bills. You will also need to review your vendor transactions by using reports, rather than from within the vendors themselves. (Details)

  • A/P Reporting - Because the Starter plan does not have access to vendor bills, there will be no Accounts Payable reports.

  • Check Printing - DoorLoop offers customizable check printing to pay your owners, vendors, and even tenants. (Details)

  • Work Orders - While you can still create and use tasks, work orders allow you to connect a vendor, track owner approval, and add parts and labor costs. (Details)

  • Owner Reporting - The Starter plan does not allow you to assign owners to properties. This means there will be no recording of owner requests, owner transactions, nor will there be any reporting by owner.

  • Management Fees - DoorLoop can calculate management fees automatically and create bills on your behalf. You can either configure the same management fee settings for all of your properties, or a property can have unique fee settings. [Details]

  • User Roles - Although the Starter plan allows you to add more users to your DoorLoop portal, you will not be able to create user roles to restrict access to certain users. You will be limited to the default user roles provided by the system. (Details)

  • Customize Dashboard - Change your DoorLoop Overview page to see the information most relevant to you when you first login.

  • Note Categories - Creating note category tags helps you easily sort notes, which is useful if you create many notes for a specific thing in DoorLoop. (Details)

  • Portfolios - Using portfolios allows you to group properties for reporting purposes.

  • Lead Sources - Adding lead sources allows you to link your prospects to the correct lead source for reporting purposes.

  • Quickbooks Sync - For U.S.-based customers, DoorLoop offers integration with QuickBooks Online to sync your data from DoorLoop. (Details)

  • E-File IRS Forms 1099 - DoorLoop allows you to e-file IRS Forms 1099 for both vendors and owners (1099-NEC and 1099-MISC). Export data and file directly with our partner, Track1099. (Details)

  • Bulk Charges and Bulk Receive Payments - Post charges and receive payments in bulk to save time if you manage multiple properties and units.

  • Custom Allocations for CAM Charges - Create custom allocations to be used with CAM charges for multiple units.

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