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Create vendor bills to record accounts payable.

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Creating Bills records that you owe a vendor money. When you actually pay the vendor bill, make sure you record this bill payment in DoorLoop as well.

If you don't need to record the bill and bill payment on separate dates—for example you use cash accounting rather than the accrual accounting method—you can instead just create an expense when you pay. An expense is a one-step process, rather than the two-step bill process (create a bill and then pay a bill).

The Steps

Step 1

The first step to Creating Bills is to click on the + Create New button in the upper left corner.

Then choose Create Bill, found under Vendor Transactions.

Step 2

Complete the relevant fields as follows:

  • Select Vendor: Select or create the Vendor you are paying.

  • Bill: Use the default unique reference number, or enter your own.

  • One Time Bill: Make sure this option is selected, unless you actually do want to create a recurring bill for the same amount.

  • Bill Date: Select the date you received the bill.

  • Due Date: Select the date the bill is due. This is used on various reports to show how many days you have left to pay a bill, as well as overdue bills.

In the Line Items section:

  • Property: Choose the property incurring the bill.

  • Category: Select the appropriate expense category for accounting and reporting purposes.

  • Amount: Enter the amount for the bill.

  • Description: Add an optional memo for the bill.

Step 3

Add multiple bill lines by clicking on the + Add Line Item. You can remove line items by clicking on the trash can icon on the right side of each line item.

Add any additional information in the Add memo section, or relevant files by using the Click here link.

Step 4

Click Save when complete. Or choose Save & New if you'd like to create more bills.

Now that you've created a bill, don't forget to pay it off later!


How is a bill different from an expense?

Where does an expense "Memo" show?

  • The expense Memo field appears on printed checks and vouchers.

Where do expense "Notes" show?

  • On Transactions List Reports, there will be a Notes column showing your expense notes.

Can I create recurring bills?

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