Creating Portfolios

Use portfolios to group properties for reporting and filtering purposes.

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DoorLoop allows you to link your properties with Portfolios, making it easier to run reports and keep track of your properties. You can sort by portfolio in various reports and on your dashboard, so having portfolios set will allow you to easily sift through your information and group it any way you would like, saving you headaches in the future.

The Steps

  1. From the main menu, click Settings, then click Portfolios under Related Lists.

  2. Type in a Tag Name for your new portfolio. If you've previously added portfolios, you'll need to click the + Add Line Item link first.

  3. Use the Properties dropdown menu to select the properties you would like to include in this portfolio. Keep clicking on the menu to add additional properties.

  4. Once you have added all your desired properties to this portfolio, click on the green checkmark to save. This portfolio is now available for use for reporting and filtering throughout DoorLoop.

  5. You can add multiple Portfolios by clicking on + Add Line Item link again and repeating the steps above.

  6. When you are done creating portfolios, click the X icon in the upper right corner of the Portfolios window to exit these settings.

Well done! Now you can organize and view your properties with ease.


How do I edit a Portfolio?

  • To edit a Portfolio, click on the Edit symbol to the right of the portfolio details.

How do I delete a Portfolio?

  • To delete a Portfolio, simply click on the red trash can icon to the right of the portfolio details and then click it again to confirm.

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