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Add a Property Owner to a Property
Add a Property Owner to a Property

Connect your owners with the properties you manage for them.

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In DoorLoop, property Owners control or own the properties and units you rent out to tenants. You need to track property owners in DoorLoop so you can keep track of who you distribute the property rent profit to, and who contributes money to the property to pay for bills when necessary.

(If you own the property you manage, you are the property owner! Otherwise, you are a vendor collecting management fees before distributing rent profit to owners.)

This article shows you how to add Owners to the Properties that you manage.

Note: The Owner Portal is not available to Starter Plans. Consider upgrading to the Pro or Premium Plans to access this feature.

The Steps

  1. To add a property owner to a property, click Rentals on the main menu and then click Properties.

  2. On the Properties list, find and click on the property you want to add a property owner for.

  3. On the property, click on the Settings tab and then click on Owners.

  4. On the Property Owners window, you can add one or more owners here using the + Add Owner button.

  5. Find and click on an existing owner or use the + New Owner button to create a new owner.

    (If you are creating a new owner, enter as much information for the owner as you’d like, but only either a First Name and Last Name combination or Company name is required, along with either an email or phone number. Review this article on creating owners to learn more.)

  6. Back in the Property Owners window, the total ownership percentage for all owners needs to equal 100% before you can click Save.

    (You can remove an owner from this page by clicking on the red trash can icon on the top right corner of the owner and then clicking the green checkmark to confirm. For information about this, read Removing an Owner from a Property)

  7. Click Save to finish.

Tip: This was mentioned briefly above, but all owners on a property must equal 100% of the total. Meaning that if a property has one owner, his ownership should be 100%. If there are two owners, it could be 30% + 70% for instance. You can not enter 0% for an owner.

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