Rent collection can be tough, but having your tenants pay online makes it so much easier. Once you complete the steps to receive online payments through DoorLoop, how do you convince your tenants to pay online?

Make it Easy

Paying online requires less effort for you and your tenants.

Make it Useful

With reminders, ease of payment, and payment notifications, paying rent online requires little effort on the part of your tenants.

  • First and foremost, your tenants can access their tenant portal from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. No need to send or receive snail mail.

  • Tenants choose to pay via ACH (eCheck) or credit card, whichever they prefer!

  • Tenants can even choose to set up a recurring payment if they’d like. Then they don’t have to log in and pay every month.

  • With an instant record and notification of their payments, your tenants won’t be left in the dark.

  • Being able to view their past payment amounts—which are automatically recorded in DoorLoop when they pay—adds transparency and eliminates any potential for disagreement over the amount they paid you.

  • Paying online is available 24/7 and protected with enterprise-level security and data encryption. DoorLoop does not have access to any credit card or banking information.

    • Also, paper checks can get lost in the mail or taken from a mailbox!

  • And of course, all of this is easy and automated for you without you needing to manually move along the process. No manual rent notices, no manual rent collection, and no manual handling of payment status inquiries.

Communicate the Benefits

While the advantages of online payments might seem obvious to you, your tenants might not understand the benefits. Help your tenants realize online payments are a win-win situation and they will likely be more willing to adopt online payments!

  • Mention the benefits early and often, such as during the application and lease signing processes.

  • Remember, the key benefits are:

    • Ease of access

    • Choice of payment method

    • Automatic payments

    • Faster acceptance of their lease payments

    • Automated payment trail accessible online

    • Ability to securely pay, 24/7

    • It’s easier for you—if you want to tell them this!

Add Incentives

To win over any holdouts, you can offer incentives for paying online.

Next Steps

Now that you've convinced your tenants to make online payments, familiarize yourself with the ePay funding cycle so you know how long online tenant payments take to deposit into your bank account.

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