View Your Tenant's Portal

Review exactly what your tenant sees when they log in to DoorLoop.

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Use DoorLoop’s Login to Portal feature to view your tenant portals. With the ability to view a tenant’s portal as they see it, you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to what information you are presenting to them!

The Steps

  1. To view your tenant's portal, click People on the main menu and then click Tenants.

  2. Find the tenant whose portal you wish to view and click on the 3 Dots on the right side of the tenant line and click Login to Portal.

  3. A new tab will open in your browser, showing you exactly what the tenant sees when they login to DoorLoop.

    (Note that if your browser security settings or a browser extension are set to block new windows or tabs from opening in this way, you may have to click on additional notifications to open the tab or change your browser security settings.)

  4. Now, you can review what the portal looks like for your tenant. For example, you can review:

    • If your tenant has set up auto-pay (you can also see this on the Rent tab of their lease).

    • What the lease ledger looks like for your tenant.

    • How your tenants submit proof of their insurance.

    • What submitting and reviewing tenant requests looks like for your tenant.

    • What announcements look like for your tenants.

That's it. By viewing the tenant's portal, you see exactly what they would be seeing. If you need to make any changes to the settings to add or remove items you want them to see or not to see, refer to the article, Configuring Tenant Portal Settings.

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