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Property-Level Rental Application Settings

Turn on and configure your property rental application settings.

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After configuring your company rental application settings, you will need to turn on rental applications for the properties you want to accept applications for. If no changes need to be made, you can use the company default settings for the property. If there are changes, you can configure unique settings for each property and each section of the rental application by selecting, specify settings for this property. This way, some sections can remain the same while others are customized.

Let’s turn on property rental applications!

The Steps

  1. To set up your property-level rental application settings, click Rentals on the main menu and then click Properties.

  2. Find and click on the property that you want to create specific rental application settings.

  3. Click on the Settings tab and then click the Rental Applications button.

  4. You'll now be on the Rental Applications settings window. This will look very similar to what you saw on the Company-Level Rental Application settings. If everything remains the same as it is on the default settings, then you would leave all the different sections with the use company default settings for this property selected.

    However, if you want to make any changes to any of the sections, you would need to select the option to, specify settings for this property. Doing so will allow you to modify that specific section with different information and requirements.

    This is useful if you have a property, for instance, where you know it is mostly international students applying for and they don't have a SSN or driver license to run background checks for. So you would turn off background checks for this property and not require that they enter a driver license.

  5. The rest of the settings and sections are exactly the same as the default rental applications settings so I would suggest that you go back and check the descriptions of them out here.

  6. Click Save when you are finished.

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