How do I create a vendor?

Add vendors either before or while creating expenses and bills.

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Vendors are an important part of property management. They handle maintenance and contract work for your properties, get attached to expenses and bills, and if you want to be able to attach them to work orders and maintenance requests, you’ll need to create them in DoorLoop.

We’ll walk you through it now!

The Steps

Step 1

You can create a vendor from the Create New button, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we will create them from the vendors area.

Go to People and then Vendors.

Step 2

In the top right, click the big green + New Vendor button.

Step 3

In the New Vendor creation menu, enter the vendor's information. The only required fields are the vendor’s First Name and Last Name, or the Company name.

After this point, it’s up to you if you want to fill in extra information to flesh out their profile with the following information:

  • Personal Info: Other than the required name fields, use the Job Title and Notes field to add additional information. You can add columns showing this information on your Vendors Directory report found in the Reports section.

  • Contact Info: Here you’ll fill in the vendor’s Phone and Email. You can add more than one!

  • Address: Add the vendor's main address.

  • Alternate Address: If the vendor has additional locations, use this section.

  • Services: (You can create vendor categories in the general Settings > Vendor Categories.) Once a category has been created, you can apply the category from the dropdown menu.

  • Insurance: Fill in the vendor’s insurance information. Important to have so you know a contractor's insurance isn't out of date while they are working on your properties!

  • Properties: You can assign which properties this vendor is able to work on. It could be all properties, or a specific set you’d like to assign. This is currently for informational purposes only.

  • Federal Taxes: Lastly, you can add tax information for your vendor. This is currently for informational purposes only.

Step 4

Click Save when you are done entering information.

You can edit a vendor later by clicking on the vertical three dots icon either from your list of vendors or when you are viewing a specific vendor, and then choose Edit.

And that’s it! You’ve created a vendor. You can also create a vendor using these steps at the time you are creating an expense or bill.

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