How to view upcoming Move-Outs

Learn how to find and view leases that will end soon.

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One common situation you encounter in property management is renewing or extending your tenants' leases. DoorLoop helps you with this process by giving you easy ways to track which of your leases are ending soon. Then you have several ways to renew or extend the lease depending on your preference (link).

Let's go through finding your upcoming ending leases now!

The Steps

If you want to quickly see move-outs for the upcoming week, you can add and use the Leasing Activity next 7 days widget on your Overview dashboard when you first log in. Here you can see all upcoming move-outs and move-ins for the week.

To view upcoming move-outs going further into the future, do the following:

1. On the side menu, click on Leasing and then click on Lease Renewals.

2. Here you see a list of your upcoming ending leases. By default, DoorLoop shows leases ending within the next 120 days. You can change this Period or change the date range using the Term ends filters to update the list of lease renewals.

Note: Leases that have been set to Month-to-Month or have Rollover to Month-to-Month set in their lease terms will not show up on the Upcoming Renewals page or in the Leasing Activity Next 7 Days widget.

If you would prefer to view this information in report format, you can go to Reports and click on the Upcoming Move-Outs report in the Leasing section.

On this report, you can see lease start and end dates.

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