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What Happens When a Lease Reaches the End of Its Term?
What Happens When a Lease Reaches the End of Its Term?

Learn what happens to a lease in DoorLoop when it reaches its term end date.

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If your leases have set end dates, you likely want to know what happens in DoorLoop when a lease reaches its end date. Good work thinking ahead!

This article walks you through how DoorLoop handles leases that are “Expired,” meaning that they are past their end date, but you haven’t yet done the End Lease process to officially end the lease.

What happens to the Lease Status

  • On the main menu, click Leasing and then click Active Leases page, you will see this lease show as Expired in the Status column.

  • This column also shows how long ago the lease reached its term end date.

What happens to Recurring Rent and other charges on an Expired Lease

  • The lease remains active in case the tenant needs to pay any outstanding balances until you officially end the lease. Recurring Rent will no longer post charges once a lease goes into expired status, as the rent schedule will also be expired.

  • However, if the lease term date for a lease passes but the lease has Rollover to "Month-to-month" set, the lease will continue as normal and recurring rent will continue to post.

What happens to Tenant Portal Access

  • The tenants on the lease still have access to their tenant portal until you officially end the lease. This is because you would still want your tenants to make payments if they were getting charged rent!

    • If this lease is in eviction status or you don’t want these tenants to be able to make online payments anymore, you can turn off their ability to use their tenant portal or specifically their ability to make online payments using these instructions.

  • However, if for any reason the tenant on an expired lease is showing up as a past tenant, it means the system has moved them out and they will not be able to access their portal. To fix this, just move them back into the expired lease and they'll be able to access their Tenant Portal again.

What happens to the Unit this lease covers

What shows on your Dashboard

  • On your Overview dashboard page you see when you first log in, you will see this lease counted as part of your Overdue leases in the Leasing activity next 7 days widget.

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