Why is the Rental Applicant Having Trouble?

Learn some of the common mistakes prospects make when submitting rental applications.

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When filling out a rental application, your prospects may have some issues that prevent them from successfully submitting the application. Don't worry, these mistakes are often minor and easily correctable!

The Prospect enters incorrect information

  • If the applicant uses their browser autofill function without double-checking the information, it might be incorrect for the application. They should review their information carefully and make sure they are using correct information.

  • The applicant might also just leave required fields blank and forget to check the page for errors before trying to click to the next page.

    • They should check to make sure they aren't leaving required fields blank.

The Prospect uses invalid payment information

  • If your applicant enters their payment information incorrectly, their payment won't process and they won't be able to submit a rental application.

    • They should make sure they are entering correct information for their credit card when paying for the rental application.

The Prospect has general computer, phone, or internet issues

  • Unfortunately, if the applicant has general computer, phone, or internet connection problems, they might not be able to submit a rental application.

    • They should try a different device or find a location with a better internet connection and try to submit their rental application again.

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