Whether through an honest mistake or hope that they can slip one by you, your prospects will sometimes submit rental applications with incorrect information. When this happens, TransUnion will not be able to verify the prospect’s identity to provide you with their SmartMove report so you can make your approval decision.

Don’t worry though, with DoorLoop you can have the prospect submit their rental application again—this time making sure they double check their entered information—all without charging the prospect for a second application!

Note that this method will not work to produce a TransUnion SmartMove report if you did not already have that option turned on when the prospect initially submitted their application.

The Steps

Rather than re-sending the property rental application link to the prospect needing to resubmit (which would charge them for the second application), you will send them an application link tailored specifically for them.

This link will allow them to resubmit their application without having to pay again. This application will then replace the information in their old application. If everything is correct this time, TransUnion will be able to verify their identity and produce a SmartMove report.

Note that the application Decision status must be either Undecided or blank, or these steps will not work! So don't update the rental application decision before having the prospect submit again.

Step 1

Find and click on the rental application you want to have a prospect resubmit using whichever method you prefer. (Review the methods in the Reviewing Submitted Rental Applications article.)

For example, you can go to Leasing < Rental Applications.

Step 2

From the rental application’s Overview tab, click on the Copy Link button.

This copies the rental application URL for this property to your computer’s clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.

Step 3

Paste the copied rental application link into an email, text message, or communications app to send it directly to the prospect needing to resubmit.

Make sure the name on the rental application you are re-sending the link for matches the prospect you actually need to submit again! This old application WILL be overwritten when the new application is filled out and submitted.

That’s all! If you’ve set up DoorLoop to send notifications when prospects submit rental applications, you’ll get an email when this application is ready for you to review.

Next Steps

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