Assigning Rental Applications to a User

Learn how to assign one of your users to manage Rental Applications.

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Property management can be a lot of work. You might have staff or colleagues who help manage various aspects of the business, such as reviewing rental applications and communicating with prospects.

You can assign other users in your DoorLoop account to manage rental applications.

The Steps

Step 1

When viewing a rental application, click on the blue three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Edit.

You can also click on the three vertical dots icon on a rental application line when viewing the list of your applications and then choose Edit.

Step 2

The Property this rental application is associated with is already chosen, but you can actually change this rental application to be for a different property if you need.

You’ll also need to select which Unit this rental application is for before you can assign it to a user.

Step 3

Choose which user or users you want to manage this application in the Assigned To drop-down menu.

You can also change the Expected Move-in date if you need to.

Don’t edit any of the other sections in the Application Fee or TransUnion Report sections at this point, because this won’t change the fee or actually request reports if you didn’t have the TransUnion Report option turned on in your rental application settings when the prospect submitted their application.

Step 4

Click Save when you are done.

Now when you or another user filters rental applications by the Assigned To field, this rental application will show up when you filter by these assigned users.

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