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Edit Users on Your DoorLoop Account
Edit Users on Your DoorLoop Account

How to edit users you've added to your DoorLoop account to help you manage your properties.

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If you have a team of users in DoorLoop helping you manage your properties, you might need to edit their information or change their user access role. This is easy to do, and we will walk through it now!

The Steps

  1. To edit a User, first click on Settings in the main menu.

  2. Find and click the Users button under the Company section.

  3. On the Users screen, find the user you need to change and click on the line for that user, or click on the three vertical dots icon on the right side of the line and choose Edit.

    Pro Tip: If you have quite a few users, you can find the user by using the search bar or sorting the list by Status or User Role using the filters.

  4. On the Edit User window, change as much information as you want. Remember that you must at least have a First Name and Last Name combination or Company name.

    If you need to change this user's access level, use the User Role dropdown menu to change their role and permissions. Read more about user roles here: Limiting Access to Your Users with User Roles

  5. When finished changing information, click Save.

That’s it! If you change the user's User Role or access to either Bank Accounts or Properties, their permissions are changed immediately.

Tip: You can also limit what properties or which bank accounts a User has access to by going to the Properties and Bank Accounts tab and editing the information there.

Next Steps

  1. Users are a vital part of your property management business. Learn how to Add Users to Your Account.

  2. You don't always want to give your users full access to your account. Learn how to Limit Access to Your Users.

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