By default, DoorLoop provides several roles you can choose from when creating new users. These are Full Access, Accountants, Maintenance Team, and Property Owners, but you can create other roles with limited access if needed. The default roles are set with permissions usually associated with those roles, but you can edit them if needed.

The Steps

Step 1

Go to Settings and click on the User Roles button in the Company section.

Step 2

Click on the + New User Role button to create a new user role.

If you are wanting to edit an existing user role, either click on the role line or the vertical three dots icon on the right side of the line and select Edit.

Step 3

Make any desired changes by going through the "General Info", "Objects", "Reports", and "Settings" tabs.

Step 4

Click Save to update the changes for the user role.

That's it! You can use this user role for new users, edit it whenever necessary, and even delete it if necessary by clicking on the vertical three dots icon on the right side of a user role and choosing Delete.

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