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How do I see the status and details of an ePay deposit?
How do I see the status and details of an ePay deposit?
Learn how to use DoorLoop's reports to review bank deposits for online payments from your tenants.
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When your tenants make online payments, you don't instantly receive this money in your bank account. There is an ePay Funding Cycle that all online payments go through.

  • You can check on the deposit status and review the online payments you receive by using the ePay Deposits Report.

  • You can also find and review the bank deposits for your online payments to see what tenant payments make up a specific deposit.

The Steps

As soon as one of your tenants pays online, DoorLoop records the payment on their lease. This payment reflects as undeposited funds until the money deposits into your bank account. When this happens, DoorLoop automatically creates this bank deposit for you.

The time between the online payment and bank deposit depends on the ePay funding cycle and whether your tenant made their payment via credit card or ACH.

Step 1

To quickly and easily review these online payments, go to Reports and click on the ePay Deposits report in the Accounting section.

Step 2

Use the filters to narrow down the list of deposits as needed.

Then you can click on any one of the line items and review more details about the online payment and its corresponding deposit if it has already been deposited into your bank account.

  • To review the bank deposit, click on the View Deposit button within the payment window that shows after you click on a payment line item in the report.

What if I want to see which tenant payments make up a deposit?

You might receive a bank deposit into your bank account from our payment processor, Payrix, that includes multiple tenant payments. This is because if you are receiving multiple online payments that complete the ePay funding cycle on the same day, Payrix sends them all to you as one bank deposit.

We automatically creates this bank deposit for you in DoorLoop clearly showing which tenant payments make up this ePay deposit.

Step 1

To find and review a specific bank deposit for your online payments, go to Reports Reports and then click on the Deposit Transactions report in the Accounting section.

Step 2

By default, this report shows all deposits made in the last 7 days. However, you can use the filters to select any time period or deposit group that you'd like.

For example, you could look at deposits for a specific property or tenant for all time.

Step 3

If you want to review a specific deposit, click on the deposit line to review the bank deposit details, including all the tenant payments in this deposit.

Note that you will not be able to edit or delete bank deposits DoorLoop automatically created when tenant portal payments deposit into your bank account. This prevents you from deleting deposits DoorLoop knows you received and ensures your accounting and reports remain accurate.

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