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Message a Specific Tenant Through Announcements
Message a Specific Tenant Through Announcements

Easily send messages to single tenants.

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DoorLoop’s Communications feature allows you to message multiple tenants at once. However, sometimes you might want to quickly send a single tenant a message through DoorLoop. For example, perhaps you need to contact a single tenant about an issue and you want to keep a record of this communication in DoorLoop.

Note: Announcements are not available to Starter Plans. Consider upgrading to the Pro or Premium Plans to access this feature.

The Steps

  1. On the main menu, select People and click on Tenants.

  2. You’ll be presented with a list of all your tenants. Click on the tenant you wish to message.

  3. Once in the tenant overview page, select the Communications tab and click on the Send Message button.

  4. Select how you would like to send your announcement.

    • Send now by email: (free) This announcement will be sent immediately to all tenants with an email address on file. We will track the delivery and open rates for you.

    • Send now by text message: (1 communication credit per text message and 140 character limit) This announcement will be sent immediately to all tenants with a mobile phone number on file.

    • Send now by voice message: (1 communication credit per voice message and 500 character limit) This announcement will be sent immediately as a voice message using text-to-speech to all tenants with a phone number on file.

    • Show this announcement in the tenant portal: (free) This announcement will be posted in the announcement section of the tenant portal.

      • Check Also post this announcement on the home screen of the tenant portal to make sure they see it as soon as they log in.

      • Choose This announcement should automatically expire to remove the announcement from the tenant's portal on the set date.

  5. Type in the Subject and Announcement Content you would like to send.

    • Remember that Text Messages are limited to 140 characters, and Voice Messages are limited to 500 characters.

    • If you are posting an announcement to the Tenant Portal, you will be able to attach files. From their portal, tenants can download these files, as well as preview certain file types, such as PDF's and JPEG's.

  6. Review the announcement delivery methods and how many credits will be used. Clicking Finish will send the announcement.

You’re done! Review the status of these messages by using the Communications Log.


How much does it cost to send announcements?

  • Tenant Portal or Email announcements are free.

  • Text or Voice Message cost 1 communication credit per recipient.

How much do communications credits cost?

  • 1 communication credit = $0.02

  • You will start with 100 credits and pay $10 for 500 more each time you use all of your communications credits.

What phone number sends the text and voice messages?

  • Texts and voice messages are sent from (786) 743-2951. Voice messages are repeated twice.

What happens if I have more than one email address for a tenant?

  • The announcement email will go to the email address listed first in the tenant's Contact Info.

How can I delete Tenant Portal messages from my tenants' portals?

  • Navigate to Communications > Announcements and click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the tenant portal announcement line. Click on Delete to remove the announcement from DoorLoop.

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