The Overview dashboard is the very first thing you see when you log in to DoorLoop. To make sure you are able to view all your important information as soon as you open the software, we make it easy using our widgets!

Your dashboard is totally customizable and will show you important information at a glance, allowing you to prioritize your time to figure out what part of the software you need to dive into first to get things done.

After adding the widgets you need and removing the ones you don’t, you might want to reorganize your dashboard to bring the most important widgets to the top of the page. Let's walk you through that simple process together!

The Steps

To move widgets around your dashboard, all you need to do is click and drag them into the desired position! The other widgets will reorganize to make room for the widget you choose to move.

That’s all! Moving widgets around is very simple, making it easy to customize your workflow when you open DoorLoop and start your day.

Next Steps

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